Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28 2014

I Love It!!
Well it’s the end of the first transfer, today starts the new one, and I still have a testimony, and surprisingly I still love being a missionary!!! wahooooo 

Picture of decorating journals. Dedicatory:Matts Birthday Month

Well, this week family.  You guys were on my mind a lot.  During personal study time in the scriptures I was always thinking about you guys. So I need to repent and think about my investigators more.   Haha but I love you guys... kinda. ;) 

So this week was rough...  We didn’t have the success we wished for.  So, we started working harder.  Still no success.  haha the Lord works in weird ways.  We are still working hard, but we found out, when we were teaching an investigator, that the Lord works on his time.  So our blessings and our success will come when we need it most and when it will help! The lord the most.  A very valuable lesson for all of us.

This week, we had 2 of our investigators come to church.  We had Ivon and Milagros come.  We didn’t see Ivan again this week.. We found out why after church... She came to us, and said she liked it, but she just does not have time to study with us anymore... So then she said don’t pass my house any more... My heart was shattered... She was so close.  She loved everything... I think it had something to do with her mom!  So, this week please include her in your prayers that something will happen and change her mind!!!  
Cooking empanadas by the fire with a member family

Entonces, this week I anointed 3 people in the space of 2 days.  Haha it’s crazy. I finally was welcomed to the missionary vida.  Hermano Vargus just looked at me right after sacrament, and said, [¿Puede ayudarme con este bendicion?  So my point is, just be ready with the priesthood at all times. And Be worthy to administer it. There is no greater feeling than to see someone’s smiling face look up at you after the ordinance is completed.   The priesthood is a magnificent gift that our loving heavenly father gave us. It is a privilege to have it.  It’s not a responsibility. So with my life I am using it as something that can’t be taken away and is something I need to keep safe with all my life.  I suggest you try it too!! I love it.
Soooo we didn’t have a lot of almuerzos this week either.  So we had to cook a lot this week.  Mom, I’m sorry but none of the recipes work here in Argentina.  They don’t have that canned good soup or canned goods like Good old AMERICA does.  HAHA but I used some of them and did my best with what I could. They turned out great!! Alfredo is the best one so far!!! My companion fell in love with me when I knew how to cook. So my pants don’t fit anymore... I have lost a ton of weight...haha all my pants are to big, and my shirts drown me!! haha
What our Pants look like!!! haha all of them are already stained dirty on the knees! haha

 So there is this family that we have been trying to contact for weeks now.  Since the start of this transfer.  And we finally talked to him.  He loved it. IT was the guy who we helped unlock his car with picks.  Haha we got so muddy. I don’t know if I told you that story yet... But we talked to him.  He like taught us all our beliefs and the restoration from a different religions point of view. Except he left out the apostasy and Jose smith.  So, he is so prepared. I’m so pumped. We have a lesson set up with him this week. We are going to set a baptism date. Pray that we can have the spirit and we can keep the rules this week so the spirit can bear testimony through us..  

I did Intercambios with elder Cardinas this week. He is from where Colton Hill  is serving. Equador guayaquill west.  It’s sweet. He doesn’t speak English.. so uhhh... it was a silent day... I don’t know that much but I tried my best to understand him. But I learned a lot of Spanish that day. Family I don’t have any more time.. SO I love you! keep working hard.. Love the lord.  Love the atonement. Use it in your life.

Picture with the Elders and the members


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