Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Friday, April 8, 2016

So family, Good day to you. 

  This past week we did many good things are we down in the south in Bariloche and in Esquel to do the zone conferences with the missionaries.  My comps and I traveled alone in our truck and president followed shortly behind us.  We had many spiritual experiences and found light in the spirit of the Lord.  God loves the missionaries here and is very attentive at what they need.  

   We didnt get the chance to go and teach many people but we did do some work with members to get them excited about the work.  We have been struggling as a mission with the member work.  Gained trust, lost it, then gained it, then once more lost it.  So it has been hard and we are trying to use them.  We know that they are our biggest tool in the coming to pass of the great gathering of Israel. 

  I was really touched and many feelings mostly from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir this weekend as they poor our pure love for God through song. As they sang Come thou Fount of Every Blessing, my heart was filled with a pure love for the Lord and for his sacrifice for us.  I had the vision that I will practice and I will be on that stand one day singing praises in form of the Prophet to God! I also enjoyed the talk from the seventy named Mervyn Arnold.  I have never seen such conviction with a man about bringing people back to the church.  He shared deep feelings that spark a hidden fire in my heart! As I heard the deep love for God and his purpose here on the earth my desires to share the Gospel increased tremendously! I love this Gospel and I’m glad Elder Arnold could remind me that.  Also with the closing talk from Elder Holland was touching and a good confirmation for me that God lives.  As he showed love for us.  That there is no failing if we are trying.  If we are serving our lord, if we are putting him first, he will bless us.  He will always raise us up!  

  Conference was a blessing.  I love God.  He is great! I am blessing I still get to serve him in this time!! 

Elder Wessel

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