Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hellloo family...  

 Things are great! We have been having a blast.  This week I was in a town called Zapala.  It is about 2 hours south west of Neuquen.  There we had spent a lot of time.  Well I did.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday there.  I don’t know if you guys remember the story that I shared of the sister that we baptized down in Lago Puelo, but we had another cool experience.  I am going to wait to tell you that one when I get home.  I am going to really stop telling you a lot of things because I need things to tell you guys when I get home.. soooo now, we are going on a drought of info.. .haha I’m sorry mom! 

 No, this week after Zapala, we just had to get some things done in the office.  We are going down to Bariloche today. We are leaving in like 3 hours and we will be down there for about a week and then we will come back.  We are starting the zone conferences with President so it should be really cool.

  It has not been lonely actually! It has been fun and I’ve been able to see the way that the Lord blesses lives of many people.  I have really realized how small I am.  I am going through a good humbling process right now.  I have seen that things just don’t revolve around me.  It’s not about me. Some times I really find myself just thinking what do I need, or how can I do it... but really this week God has blessed with a new insight.. That is super hard for me to get a hold of.  It is that I should just make sure as long as I am doing his will, things will be fine.  It is really a big trust issue with God.  And he is super awesome and super patient with me, so he is taking it slow.  I really feel like I have grown and found many things that I want to do and accomplish.  I am very thankful for all the blessings and I do know that he lives.

  There is a new program that has not come out yet.  It is called my plan.  It is for returned missionaries and it is suppose to help them prepare in the field to go and front life on head on.  It hasn’t been released yet to the public.  But mission presidents have it.  SO my President and I have just started it.  We have been doing a trail to see how to do it with the missionaries.  I have been doing on paper.  It mostly is just setting goals and thinking about your testimony and getting a little more converted before you go home! soooo.. it has been great! We just started last week.  Let’s see how it goes.

 I love you guys! Thanks for your support! I hope all is well!

Elder Wessel

I almost forgot the most important part of the whole entire thing.  I have had some awesome feelings about the Lord this past weekend.  I have found a new love for him.  I have been able to communicate with him.  I have been able to know what I lack.  And it is through the atonement of him.  Those things I can get better.  I can be a better person, thanks to the atonement.  

  But the most amazing thing is... I can work miracles.  I can live.  I can act in his name.  It is thanks to him.  I can do all things I imagine because he overcame the tomb.  He walked out glorified.  He suffered, he died, and he LIVES.  I do have a strong testimony of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.  I have seen his saving powers in my life, and in the mission.  "Oh how wonderful, wonderful it is to me."  God lives. And I stand all amazed.  Let’s make sure that everything we do is to glorify the son of man, so God can receive his Glory.  Love you all!! 

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