Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 6, 2015

So this week was pretty solid!! haha I don't really have much to write! It was still a miracle but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.(note from Kacey..Miracles are ordinary now...got to love being in the Lords service!) 

 It was just a good simple week of hard work and getting things all set up for Saturday!! Well remember how I was telling you guys about Lucas,, HE GOT BAPTIZED!!  It was legit!

 So Saturday we have to wake up early to come set up the font, because it is a small swimming pool!... which has a hole in it.. haha but we come set that up, then it takes all day to fill up so we have to wait there while it fills up!! And then the zone leaders who live 2 hours away showed up to interview him! He was super ready and will be the only youth of 16 years in the branch here! He already has a huge responsibility with the sacrament!
Lucas baptism

 Then the hour of his baptism, the championship game of the American cup between Argentina, and Chile was on.  So no body showed up to the baptism... We were calling everyone telling them to come, and everyone said no! They went into overtime, so it was even worse!!  Lucky, we had some humble, Christ like, people show up a little bit late, and the attendance was 10 people. A huge change from last week! But it was one of the best baptisms I've attended!! The spirit was so strong and Lucas loved it!! I'm so happy I could be apart of it!! Then on Sunday we confirmed him and had a great day!! 

Yesterday, it began to snow on us!! It was so cool! haha we have been having some crappy rainy weather lately!! haha remember the week in lago puelo, well this just got worse!! haha But I'm loving it!! The mission is great and I'm just having the best time of my life!! I'm trying to be the most obedient that I can and learning to just put all my trust in the lord!! So far, he has blessed me for trying!!

Meet the Mormons quote ¨I may not be perfect, but I'm perfect at trying.¨  CAPOOO!!!!

Well I've been studying a lot of Joseph smith, and really I just want to be like him!! I want to share my testimony that he was a true prophet and he translated the book of Mormon! I know with out a doubt that, this is true!! I hope this week you all can strengthen your testimony on Joseph Smith! It is what we will need to testify at the last days!! 

Love you guys!!!!

Elder Wessel

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