Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hellllooo family,
Sharon ready for her baptism
So it's weird to speak in English!! haha I really miss it! Being with a Latino comp I really miss ENGLISH!! hahaha

But this week was crazy! I don't have much time but i will share the story.  We wanted to baptize someone this weekend. So we focused and looked for someone that had assitences in the church.  We found a little girl named Sharon and her mom and all her family are members.  Except her.  SO we told the ward in ward council we told them to set up the baptism because we are going to baptize someone! The counselor of the branch was excited for the faith, but the president got mad! We sent the date and Sharon accepted. 
The font

 We got everything set up.  Sooo, the president called us very mad!! it was just Satan not wanting the miracles to happen here.  Then the wife of the president of the branch went over the house of the sisters and told them that no one was going to come to the baptism.  They dropped in the excitement and their animo.  It sucked super bad.  The sisters told me no we will have to wait for the 4 of July.  But I told them no.  My companion and I get the faith and we told them no.  We kept them strong and the president told us he would not come because he had other things to do and we didn't advise him with enough time. The little girl asked that he baptize her.  So we spent all Friday fixing things and praying that he would come.  After fasting and praying the president didn't want the baptism to happen.  We called our mission president and he told us," No man can stop the work of the lord". Joseph Smith. haha it was so cool. Then he told us, DO THE BAPTISM. So we went through with it. And that Saturday in the tardy, the president humbled himself and he came to the baptism.  And actually more people came to that baptism than the regular attendance in the church.  It was the best!!!!!!!! There are some pictures! It was great!! And now we have another investigator Lucas of 16 years old and he will be baptized on the 4 of July!! Please pray for him so his mom will let him.  And he will be the first youth in the branch.  The only young kid above 12 yrs old and under 18!!! It will be sweet!!!
They love their ping pong almost as much as soccer
Love you all!!

Elder Wessel!

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