Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, February 9, 2015

Febuary, 9,2015

Ok Argentina, this cant be my son is a soccer uni

So family, this week was GREAT!!!!! Haha. Enough of those loser emails I had a great week.  Sorry for being so dumb.

     This week we did a lot.  I went on intercambios with the district leader and we found a great family to start teaching.  We prayed for a miracle to find someone or a family, and it happened.  God answered the prayers.  Her name is Violeta.

     I am super great.  This week the spirit was super strong.  The things with my comp got figured out and we just had the spirit accompany us all week.  We started off with a legit district meeting and the spirit just testified super strong.  So I learned a lot more things.  I am super excited about reading the book of Mormon.  I hope all of you guys are still caught up.  I know I have learned so much from the book of Mormon.  I have been reading with the mind of consecration.  My spritualness has gotten stronger and I feel the spirit with me more constantamente.  Literally I am super pumped.  Also we had a zone meeting in Esquel this week and we were taught by the zone leaders from Bariloche.  It was one of the most spiritual conferences I have been too.  The spirit was great.  I love talking about it. I don’t know if you guys remember but when Matt passed, I struggled with the spirit and when the Stake President said I could turn the papers in I was just filled with the spirit and I couldn’t stop smiling.  That is what happened this week.  A huge happy spirit filled week.

     So I don’t know if you guys remember the lady named Carla? I taught her with elder Ogden, mi compa├▒ero anterior.  And she just had her baby so we letter her cool down for a little.  Well Elder West and I went to her house to check on her.  and we had a huge lesson that the spirit punched everyone in the face.  It was fantastic.  Lately as a mission we have been studying inspired questions, and we put that to practice and it was fantastic.  She set up a date to get baptized. We just need to get her married too... haha Wahoo 

Lucas... Rough week with him... He told us he doesn’t want to get married.  So we took a step back this week. He still wants to get baptized... but the love for his wife... has gone... its rough... But we had a good lesson after and we started visiting him more and him we will see what he says tomorrow.  Please pray for him harder!!!!  

Love you guys!!!

keep it real 

Elder Wessel

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