Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, February 2, 2015

January 26 another day in Paradise.

Our Christmas ties

Hello family,

So this week... it has been a super weird one.  One that I have never had in the mission. Just a lot of trials and good things happened.  Like a friggen roller-coaster.  Its kind of nuts, but its kind of good.  I have learned a lot of myself, and been able to help a lot of people as well.  I’m super grateful.

This week, I really started out trying to consecrate myself.  Really trying to make myself worthy to call on the power of God from the heavens.  So first I want to tell you guys about a lied I made when I was in high school.  I was drifting in the white truck and I totally blew out the tire when I hit the curb... and I told dad the cold air made it flat because it was the dead of the winter.... I was telling that story to my companion and realized I never repented for lying like that..... soooo... sorry dad.  I lied to you about that.  I blew out the tire that one day. I think I paid for it anyway... so we are good! ;) hahahahaha
Zone conference 

But this week, I have seen so much of a difference in my spirituality.  I have felt the spirit all day, walking and talking; my language is clearing up and really feels like I can walk with the angels to have that blessing to call upon the heavens.  I am starting to take each week more and more serious! And it is awesome.

Mom asked me if I had problems,  I kind of did, my health hasn’t been the best so I have had to push through that, and really try to follow the will of God.  Things are looking up and I am good as gold.

First, my comp is going through some hard personal problems, and its super hard for him to keep his excitement, but we are working through it together. Please pray for him.  Elder West!
Elder West

Lucas didn’t come to church... I was super bummed about that.  But we taught him really well this week; I just don’t know what else to do. He has all the lessons, everything done; we are just waiting on him to marry. It’s super hard that people have their own agency.  Why can’t they just listen to us.... ugh. Anahi, returned from Buenos Aires, but didn’t come to church either... she is super lost. Super alone, and has depression because of all her friends dropped her because she was  baptized... so please pray for her.  We have two other girls with baptism dates.  Paula and NIlda, please pray for them that they can listen and open their ears.  Paula is super special and wants to get to the celestial kingdom.  So we have super big hope in her!  Please pray for all of them.  Sorry it’s a lot but please do so.

I want you guys to know, that even though things are a little rough, I am still super happy.  I can honestly say I am loving the mission and taking the challenges well.  I am learning as I go so I can become the greatest missionary I can be on the last day.  GET BETTER EVERY DAY:  I am super blessed with the love of the Lord.  He carries me through these hard times and I’m super grateful.  Thank you for your support and your care.  BUT I AM SOOOO GREAT!!!
EL Hombres

Love you guys more than you know!

Elder Wessel

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