Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chapter 18: Another week in the hood‏

Family we are working with
(I decided to leave the letter as Clay typed it just for fun)
soj,j im on antoher bad keyboard and the j is jbroken.  Sjo, my mom and dadjj,j jcan jgo thjrough and fix all the jj that jpop upjJ!J!! hahaha jThis week was good.  we jjreally have been wjorking most with menus acjtivos, jand seein lifes change that way.  
I forgjot jot jtell you about general conference.  We had tjo wjatch it in spanish. I ahve been reading the tjalks on the jinternet becuase i jjdid not understand a thing this conference in sjpanish.  It is jharder than it seems.  Ij sjtill jjgotj ja lot outj of jit tho.
So, this week we concentrated on the less active of the warjd.  There are 805 members of the ward im  in. wanna take a wild guess on how many attend church? 23 familys.  That is nuts.  We jfound that out yesterday at the executivejj priesthood meeting yesterday with our bishop.
I dont really jremember a lot that happedj this week.  JButj i was on intercambios wit elder duty again. We found this investigator that speaks englishjj.  So I taought the lesson in english with elder duty.  The guy is rjeally smjart and understood everything that we were teaching.  He realized he had experiences leading up to this point jto jtalk to the missionarys.  he realized that it was time to change his life.  Im super excited to teach him. the mjost jjsjpiritual lesson i have had my whole jmissino.  I love the mission you guys. I ajm jlovig to the lords works.
I love jworking with jless acjtives.  Lately in this transfer i ahve had the jopportunity jto teach them.  I can connect well because of the experiences in my life.  I have not gotten down on myself for not having baptisms this jajrea... Becaue i feel as equal as bringin people unto christ that already kew the jgospel and then refind it.  I am jvery happy with how this area ended up. Im super jexcited to see where im going next and vjery excited to keep sejrving.  I love the people of cultral co and sad ths is my last week here.  Ijm going to work harder than i have ever worked.  Im excited to jtell the stories jin my next letter.
Love you guys.  keep jworking hard.  
Rememeber, j God jis number one and Jesus gave his life for us.  jthey love us.
Elder Wessel

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