Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, October 6, 2014

Chapter 17: Miracles in a different form‏

The Zone
FAMILY!!! :)

What’s up guys?

I’m doing good down here in Argentina.  This week was different than any other week we have had.  I think I only worked in my area for 2 days this week.  But somehow it turned out good!!

Monday, like you guys already know was the day we had interviews.  And then Tuesday was our p day. 

Wednesday, my companion went to Neuquen for a leader training conference with the zone leaders.  So I went and hung out with elder Hernandez and elder Lauguado in Aeropuerto B.  But, then I went and traveled over to help out the chileano and the Colombiano in the other area! So i was just running around.  It turned out to be a good day and i learned a lot! I had a good day.  Thursday we got to work in our area but we didn’t have too much time because we had to do planning weekly.  It was crazy but turned out good.  Nothing too excited passed but we had a good day.  We had to work with Elder Agee he is a zone leader and his companion went to Chile because his passport expired so he had to leave the country to reenter and have a new visa. Haha we are doing illegal things down here in Argentina.  Cool huh?
Friday, we didn’t do much, we worked hard but I was on intercambios with Elder Justiniano from Colombia.  And we worked in his area and saw a milagro!! I will tell you the story.
Me and elder Justin, we walking in the streets and didn’t really have plans.  They had set a baptism fecha with this kid but they haven’t been able to find him lately.  So we decided to pass by his house and talk to him.  He opened his door and also his heart.  He talked to us and understood the doctrine’s and answered all the questions right!! He just didn’t understand the gift of the Holy Ghost.  So we took some time and explained that.  I just asked him one simple question at the end, i asked him how he felt, and what are his thoughts, He started to cry... and said, [i want to change NOW.]  It was amazing.  We testified of the truthfulness and then prayed.  He didn’t make it to church. But he will get baptized.  I’m excited to see him change and take this step.
milagro of Jose

Other than that, we haven’t been so successful with investigators. But i have seen a lot of conversion with less active members.  That is what i have been able to do here in Cutral Co.  I have been able to help a ton of menos activos and i have seen milagros after milagros.  It sucks not having baptisms, but being able to see people reconvert to the gospel is just as good"! I really do love this work and love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I can’t stress enough how much love I have for him!!

Thank you for your support and have a Fantastic week family!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Elder Wessel
Me and Rex he ate up the Book of Mormon

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