Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chapter 14: WIthout my language‏ September,15,2014

gota love my new companion "He's from Peru"

HOOOOLLa homies,

Holy cow, what a week.  Seriously.  Started out with some solid transfers and welcoming in the New Peruvian.  Sorry I don’t have a pic of him.  We are the best of friends yet and didn’t take pics yet.  I will get one this week.  How is the fam? How bout Sami making it big back in shutah!! That’s how Latin’s say it!! haha the fam looks good I’m pumped to see every doing good!!

You guys, I’m so happy right now.  The new comp is great.  He is very obedient so we are doing some good stuff to Cultral Co now.  In predicad mi evangelio it says to leave where you are better than you found it.  You guys I think I’m going to do that.  This week we set up 3 new baptism dates and found 7 new investigators.  IM sad to tell you that the baptism last week was not mine.  It was the other elders.  I just was the only that cared.  Haha sorry for the confusion.

They really love Jesus

This week, I haven’t spoke a lick of English. I can’t express the happiness I have of writing you guys in English. I’m happy to tell you this miracle that happened to us;

We were walking home from one of our lunches to start a fast. We are fasting to get 1 baptism as a companionship. but it was like 130 in the afternoon.  Everything in the city is shut down from 1 to 5 in the afternoon in cause of the siesta.  (nap)  Haha but this corner kiosco was open.  I told my comp that we need to go there and get an alfajores before we start this fast.  The only store that was open during the siesta.  So we entered.  We bought two alfajores.  They are like little cake things.  Look them up on google.  We were just about to leave, When all of a sudden we heard.."De donde Son?" (Where are you from?)  We turned around and explained.  He asked why we are here so far away from our families for a religion.  Something caught his attention.  He had to get back to work so we set something up to come back at 6 o clock later that day.   We passed by at 6 without tardiness. We introduced ourselves and got to the prayer.  My comp asked if we could shut the door to the store. He did without hesitation.  We started off with a prayer.  We taught the restoration in full to him and his wife. The spirit was so strong with everyone and fill the store even the soda bottles!! We set a fecha for the 18 of Octubre.  The last day for the transfer.  They accepted but they said only if they could learn more.  Talk about music to our ears!!! haha we terminated with a pray and the floods of people came in.  30 seconds after I said the closing prayer, 6 or 7 people flooded in.  It was insane.  The Holy Ghost locked up that store!! IT is so awesome to see these miracles in the mission.  This guy’s name is Carlos, and his wife I forgot.  We went to get them for church but they couldn’t go.  We are planning on big things for them this week. Pray for them.

We also found a family of 4 that was chosen of god as well to investigate this church.  The mom is very accepting and very encouraging of her daughters making their own choices.  We taught the restoration with a Mormon message from the internet.  It was the one with Padre Terranal, Padre Celestial.  I don’t know what it is in English.  But it brought the spirit and then we taught the restoration.  We didn’t invite to be baptized but the 13 yr. old girl asked if she could pray at the end of the lesson.  This family is chosen.  I don’t remember all the names, but when you pray form them, pray for the familia de Alicia!

We did a lot of working.  We don’t talk that much.  We just work.  We have been super obedient this week.  That is why I think we got blessed of God! Mom and Dad always stress obedience but I’m thinking they don’t know what they are talking about.  Haha But, this week we pressed hard to be exactly obedient and it work out.  I’m super happy and the spirit is radiant in me.  A lot of things happened but I felt like these are the most important things to share this week.

Thank you for your support always! All the love from everyone.  I really can’t explain how blessed I am and how thankful.  I hopefully can show you guys through hard work in the week to come.

I LOVE YOU GUYS:  scream it with love it sounds better.  I just did it in this computer place now I look weird in front of a bunch of Latinos!! haha

Elder Wessel

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