Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 8, 2014

Chapter 13: 4 with a spun mind September,8,2014

We have been here a long time
I’m Glad i have my journal with me today because this week went by way fast and I don’t remember anything about this week... It was a blur!!!!
Great Member here in Argentina

The first day of September.  And it was P day!! So we wrote the Fams, and spent a lot of time in cyber waiting for other missionaries.  The of course we went to Gridos.  It’s an Ice Cream place! We go every week.  After that we played futbol en la capilla.  It gets pretty crazy.  We play arroz con leche, or one seat or under the table.  Pretty physical.  We were lucky everyone walked away injury free.  Tonight we didn’t do that much.  But we went and got my ticket for me to go to Neuquen again.  Then we went to HMA Blanca{s house and sang a hymn and prayed with her!  After we tried to find someone but, ya fue! haha We called it a night with a rare thunder storm watching where we got on top of the house and posted up and watched it!! While it was raining!! It was so cool!!
The Zone
Today i just went to Neuquen from 530 in the morning until 1930 hrs. at night!! that’s for Tim.  We don’t use the afternoon times.  We use military time down here!! haha but I just hung out with the elders in the office and helped them move penisions and just had a good time! I am officially a citizen of the Argentina republic!!!! haha Can you believe it? I still love the United States more!!

Zone Confrence

Pepermint patties

We did a lot of walking today.  Without giving count we ended up with a really good day.  We ended up teaching a lot of people short lessons.  The day seemed like it was going really slow, then it just turned out to be a killer day!
So we started off in the morning with teaching fernando.  The little brother to Hernan.  He is a menos activo.  He texted us yesterday and wanted us to come over while I was in NQN.  So I asked him if we could pass today. We kind of just taught about how Christ can help us. We helped because he has a fear of the dentist and he knew we could help feel that.  I feel very special after that.  Very humbled.
Then we went on our way and found our Homie Juan_manuel and taught him outside his house.  I think he was inside alone with a women.... ;) everyone drove by knocking he is famous around here!  He said he feels like he just doesn’t belong.  So we will help him out with finding himself connected to the church!  Then we went out into this deserted area that we haven’t visited yet.  We went and knocked some doors and found Carmen.  She seems super prepared and was interested in the B.O.m.  So we set up a return appointment for Friday.  Then after that we found our boy Carlos and his kids.  He was a contact that we found when I was playing baseball with his kids in the streets in from of his house.  He’s super cool and had some good questions about Baptism.  Didn’t ask a fecha but we are going to set it this week.  I’m super pumped to the people we found today.  God really blessed us this day.
Area Confrence
I want to start off by saying does anything ever go as planned in the world of a missionary? So we had a ton of stuff set up well, really just 2 service projects, weekly planning and a reunion.
Turns out, we had more to do.  We went to go got elder hills suit coat and then that took years to go get because she lives out in the boonies and we had to walk.  Then we had lunch.  We came back and taught with our vascino.  We were going to help with service but it rained a ton.  So we just did a lesson before.  David told us he had a dream that he saw this dead guy with a ton of stab wounds.  He said in his dream he prayed so this guy can be alive again.  Just after that he prayed in his dream, he said this huge white figure gave him a hug.  Said only to pray to God in the name of Jesus.  Not to Mother Mary.  Then this guy revived himself.  David is re prepared and understood.  We interpreted this to be baptism about all his struggles but to ask the help of god and receive new life.. I’m excited to teach him.  After, we taught estela.  We only had 1 of our weekly planning because we have a reunion at 6.  We taught in like 15 min.  Good day to be a missionary.
Look Mom I can lift a bike
What another great day to be a worthy a missionary.  What a great day to love Jesus Christ and to show his love for all these people!!
Today my comp was in NQN doing tramites.  I walked with elder Cardenas and Figueroa.  It was a good day. I met a cool member that I didn’t really know.  Then we had a bomb lunch at HMA OTY!!
My comp arrived at 1530 then we made cookies to bring to Hma Jacque because she never comes to church.  She didn’t answer so we went to our investigators house to give them to him, but he didn’t answer, so we talked to his vascino and gave them to her.  Now, she ate a cookie and got slapped by the spirit.  She promised to read the book of Mormon and set a new day to visit her the next week that comes.  Then Hma Jaque called us and said come over.  We went over and she said she love the cookies.  But then we talked about her problem with church... she believes she doesn’t love God... and tampoco her husband... sooo that really sucks...
We had a baptism. No body showed up.  I found myself calling everyone in my phone to get people to come.  People ended up showing up.  I cooked alfredo for 22 people and it was crazy... I got to go tho... Sunday we visited a ton of people.  Elder hill left.  I’m getting a new comp today on Monday from Peru. See ya later English!!!! hahaha
So You Think You Can Dance...Argentina Style
Love ya!!

Elder Wessel

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