Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, June 23, 2014

June, 23,2014

President and Hermana Lovell and Elder Wessel
Bienvenidos a Neuquen Argentina!!!!

   So I have arrived to Argentina!! Nothing is in English here. All the people all the signs and everything are in Spanish. Even the Microwaves. ahahah >What the heck???
   First things first, I took a plane ride to Argentina that I promise I will never take again unless I get to come back to the US of A. Ha-ha it was insane. I was picked up and spent my first 2 nights in the mission home in Argentina. My first night there, there was a man cleaning the house and he was not a member. I then talked to him about the church and gave him a book of Mormon. He promised me that he would read it. Unfortunately he is not in my area.
My Companion Elder Hill

   I am starting in an area called Cutrol Co. It’s about 2 hours west of Neuquén. My companion slash trainer is named Elder Hill. He’s a gangster. And is a stud in the field. We already have 3 baptismal dates and had 4 people come to church my first Sunday. Pray for those dates not to fall through.
My Apartment

 The youth here are very awesome. They are so willing to help with the work. They want to be missionaries so bad. And always want to come do splits with us. Some of them are planning on going to the states. They like to say swear words here. In English. When I hear English it is a swear word. HHAAH so it’s hilarious. But we tell them no.

   People here don’t really say their S or open their mouth when they talk.. Ha-ha it’s so funny but hard to understand. They get mad when you call it Spanish. I speak Castellano. They say [yo] like Show. Or double ll like shhh. It’s a cool language. I taught my first lesson and had to recite the first vision all in memorization. I am surprised I can write in English right now. It’s kind of hard. Hahaha but it’s great. I love the language of Castellano and know that it is the language I can preach God’s word in the best. Thank you so much for the support and all that everyone has done for me. I am working my hardest to do Gods work. It will happen if he wants it too. Love every one of you!!! Elder Wessel

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