Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last Letter From the MTC

Elder Wessel and Elder Jorgensen

Elder Wessel and Elder McAllister

  Well hello Family and friends.....

I have come to a conclusion at the Provo CCM (MTC) and have came to the conclusion that it is super repetitive.. So i am sorry for the emails not being as long and humerous, and exciting.

 I am absolutely loving my MTC experience here at the provo MTC. Its so nice to get started and
Elder Farnsworth and  Elder Wessel

 learn so much about how to teach and see different investigators and missionarie views. I have also learned many things while i have been here.
1. Patience really is a virtue. Its good to have things done, but also just take a second to relax and enjoy the task at hand and understand that God has things he wants in your way. Don't try to force things to happen.
 2. Gratitude. I have so much to be gratefull for. I grew up in a family where we all loved eachother but we had to learn alot of things on our own. I am so gratefull for all the support from my family and my good amigos that are out in the field with me. Also for Megan, she has taught me so many things and was such a great example to me in preperation for this huge leap of faith i am taking.
3. Prayer is Real. I will bear testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel until the day that my body is put to rest. Then if god alowes me, i will do work on the other side as well. I love this work. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. I know he does just because of the trials that i have had to go through here, and he answered me. It feels like i have super powers, but it is just God.
4. Humility. Alma 26:12 Why boast of yourself?? we are nothing if we do not live in the sight of god. God has the power to do all things. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT GOD AND JESUS CHRIST. Please thank them every night for they have done for you.

Good news i am able to call from the airport, They have prepayed cards here that i have bought. So they select few that are lucky enough to hear my sweet, wonderful spirit (HUMILITY) be prepared to answer between 9 am and 11 am on monday morning, Then also between 4 pm and 9 pm that same day. Please be prepared. From 9 pm to 8:20 the next morning is my flight from georgia to Argentina.. THATS 14 HOURS. hahah Sad news... I keep getting letters about Matt being in peoples lives... and I have yet to have an experience. Those few songs that have come up... but. uhh... nothing.. I guess that is where i need patience. Love you all so much. Elder Wessel Tengo un testimonio de este evangelio. Jesucristo vive cada dia por medio cada una de nos. encontro la expiacion. Jesucristo murio para cada persona. Este iglesia es verdadero.
Mi Amigos

MY Branch Presidente

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