Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, April 18, 2016

Honestly... I have no idea what to write... The buddies are all telling me to be like King Benjamin when he bids farewell to his pueblo. But honestly, Ive got know idea.

  This week was good.  IT went by way to fast.  We started this week out with some transfers and moving some missionaries to their new area.  So that was a good experience.  Then, I got to go see some missionaries and help them with some investigators.  It was good.   We didnt see that many miracles this week.  IT was kind of sad.  Honestly I have been thinking that this was one of the very hardest weeks of my mission.  My thoughts were tormenting and I had a constant fight of getting homely thoughts out of my head.  But I conquered it.  We made it through. I am ending the mission.  I have done what God has called me to do.  I have achieved it.  

  The only thing that I would say I have really learned and could say that I have a strong testimony of without a doubt is that I know that if I put all my trust in God he will change me.  The repentance is real.  I have seen miracles upon miracles upon miracles because of the fidelity to God. I have come from the deepest places of sin and have gotten to be one of Gods soldiers. I feel honored to  have served him.  I feel like he has loved me and edified me.  I have felt that the trust in him is the greatest power that one man can possess.  I know that through pure trust, and devotion to God He will carry man to the eternities. He has shown me the way to where I need to be now. I will put my trust on him, and I will wait on the lord.  I know that God will do the rest.  HE is strong.  I’m weak.  I stand behind him and he strengthens me.  I love the Lord. I will follow him.  

  My exhortation is to trust in the lord.  Follow him with all thy heart.  Live his laws.  He will build us up! 

See you soon family.  Love you guys!

Elder Wessel

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