Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, March 14, 2016


    So this week has come to an end and my mom and dad are officially more excited for me to come home than I am. Soooo, STOP REMINDING ME THAT IM FINISHING THE MISSION!!!! haha  

   Mom, Dad, I love you guys.  But this week has been a hard one actually.  We have had lots of success, and we have seen many miracles.  And it seems, like as we are traveling, I always get the worst bed, or sometimes I don’t even get one, i just get the floor and don’t sleep.  And while those things are occurring, I think... and thinking has been hard.  I do not want to come home.  I have the Best companions in the whole entire mission.  I have learned so much from them, and they constantly help me.  I have worked harder this last transfer than I have worked a lot of my mission. I am very tired and I’m very happy.  I do not want to stop this... 

  My mom comes off to me a bit confused at my assignment so I am going to take some time to explain what exactly is happening.    

   I am still along with president as his assistant but we have called three to work as assistants for a certain purpose.  The other two assistants stay usually in the area and bring zone leaders up to the area to show them how to work.  I, however, will be traveling to other areas helping the number of baptisms increase.  My particular assignment is realize many interviews and go to the areas, where the missionaries have hard time committing their investigators to baptism. I will accompany them, help them use the spirit and teach these people and challenge them to get baptized that same weekend that I am there.  We will be wearing white. :) 

  This week, a new car arrived to this mission for a matrimony missionaries that we sent down to the most south area of or mission.  So with my two companions, we are driving the car down there to give it to them.  It has been a good experience.  Just yesterday we stopped in a place called Chos Malal.  There our president confirmed the Melchizedek
 Melchizedek priesthood to only the 2 priesthood holder in that town.  It is not even a branch yet.  It is a group of about 30 people that get together and take the sacrament together.  Super awesome. There, we worked with the missionaries in that area, and it was fantastic.   Our goal for the weekend was to baptize 3 people. Sadly, we did not reach that goal.  But we were able to find many new people, help prepare people for the proximate week and taught many many lessons in one day. I don’t know the exact number but it hadn’t been done for a long time.  God blessed us super greatly and we were super happy as we left.  

  This week I’ll be alone.  We are in San martin now, and will be making the last stretch to Esquel today.  From there, I will stay by myself with the missionaries that are there, and will be traveling slowing up to the north. I will travel alone, but I will be with missionaries upon each of my arrivals to each zone.  The Lord will bless the mission greatly.  His will to bring the salvation to all souls. And that is what we will do.   Please pray for me! 

Love you all!! 

Hasta luegito.


Elder Wessel

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