Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August,23,2014 "Chapter 10: Kicked in the shins‏ "

Space monkey, that funky monkey! i love the grafiti here!!!

I wasn´t really kicked in the shins this week, but it sounded like a good title this week.  This week was a week of learning from the lord, by spiritual experiences, and finding some really good people!!!
     This week I was going to go hard and just write straight out the journal entries that happen nightly, but unfortunately, I have a mind of 19 year old missionary, and seem to be very forgetful.  I find myself switching up lyrics to worldly songs and making them missionary appropriate and somehow remember lyrics to those songs, rather than remember to bring my journal and tell me family how my week was.
     This week I want to start with yesterday because that was my favorite day.  IT was most spiritual and very good for my benefit as a missionary. 
     Sunday: (yesterday)
Today, we had church.  But before church i plead to the lord to help me shrink my pride and become more humble.  After i prayed, i found a talk called {Beware of Pride by- Ezra Benson} just a quick right of the bat answer. I studied it before church for personal study.  For a quick explanation, I feel like i find myself judging or thinking more of myself or easily bugged with people or my comp.  I heard a saying in the MTC that if I want someone or something to change, something in me has to change first.  So that is why I was studying it. 
Later in priesthood, we had an ex missionary that now has 4 kids teach us.  There was no Men from the ward there because of the rain. People don’t travel if there is rain.  So he decided to talk to us about humility in the mission field. Who would have thought?  God is just throwing answers to my prayers in my face.  Later I talked to this kid in the ward that had the same problem as me before my mission.  I did not have a strong testimony.  I did not know why I was going on a mission.  Really the thought was dumb.  But he said he didn’t have a strong testimony of the book of Mormon. HE didn’t know enough to be a missionary.  But I told him my story.  I told him, I did not finish the book of Mormon until I got a week in the MTC.  But I knew in my heart that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet.  I saw the hope in his eyes.  He knew that He was a prophet as well.  He said if that is all i need i will go. I told him it needs to be more than that, but that is the best place to start. 
     Then I had a meeting and people got me real frustrated, this is another answer to my humility pray.  People don’t really have a lot of respect for me because i don’t speak perfect but i try.  Sometimes I don’t understand either.  But i got easily offended.  I realized my weaknesses this day.  I was so blessed to be able to have my eyes opened by God to show me my weaknesses before i can make them strong.
     About an hour before that, we got in an argument with this guy.  He told us that Joseph Smith was not true.  I have never felt that sort of burning in my chest before. I kind of raised my voice to this man, testifying of Joseph Smith.  My testimony then grew a ton.  I know in my heart that he was a prophet of god.  I know this church is possible by Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith.
     The blur week. I don’t have a ton of time, so I’m going to tell you about some people we met.
     We actually have a lesson set up with pocha this night.  We are going to just teach her the resurrection this night to help her understand the apostasy and Joseph Smith.  SO pray for her.
We met a guy named Juan Manual. He is 24 and is a spitting image of me. Or at least if i was a Latino.  Haha he’s a gangsta.  He accepted a book of Mormon and a return appointment.  He plays volleyball and loves to learn about religion.  HE hasn’t decided what one he likes yet because he hasn’t found the truth he said.  SoOOOOO look god put this guy in our hands!! how lucky? Oh and guess who we saw while i was writing this letter... JUan Manuel. He is writhing next me right now.  I swear it’s meant to be.  We have a meeting set up with him tomorrow. We also get to see the President tomorrow.
Pray for me to have inspiration and find those that are prepared. 
     I love serving the lord. I don’t want to stop.  I MISS MY FAMILY LIKE CRAZY THO!!!!

Elder Wessel
Ps. I didn’t get bit by a dog this week!! hahah wahoo

playing ping pong! every church has a ping pong table! im going to be pro!!! haha

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