Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chapter 8: Dia del Nino

O, I found out this week how bad America treats the kids they have...  So Argentina has this day.. Every second Sunday de Agosto.  And I want to say it is the day that America has been missing.  It is called the day of the kid! haha how sweet is that! that is the only thing better about Argentina than America.  Other than that... I would give anything to be back in America..  Haha  

This week was another one for the books... It was one of those weeks where I heard a lot of weird noises that come natural after an hour of touching houses.  It’s the sound of DOORS SLAMMING!! Haha its one of the sounds I have grown accustom to, and learned to love! Antiguo investigators and less active members have been our best friends this week! hope you like get a laugh out of the painful joke I just shared! We also got called something that was the first time I heard it.  A hombre on his bike rode by and called us Effing yankees.  haha but he really said the F word.  IT was hilarious in his argentine accent!! I was laughing still to this day! 

This week I had the lucky opportunity of learning to not walk close to fences!! haha a dog stuck his head out and nabbed me on the shoulder it was Sweet! It ripped my sweet jacket that you guys got me! So I need to sew it up or algo asi!!

i listened to some talks this by Elder Eyring.  One that really stood out to me was Power of Deliverance.  I challenge all who read this to look it up on LDS.org and read or watch it.  Especially the people of my family!! I instantly thought of you guys when I heard it!!  

Also from Thursday to Friday night we did not have water in our house.  This is something that has happened a lot in the past.  It also will continue to happen.  Sadly I did not die of thirst. How lucky!! 

I want to say thank you to all my family who writes me.  Especially during the rough weeks of my mission.  Hearing the good stories and hearing how happy everyone is strengthens me and helps me realize what I am doing this for.  Also I realize the role of our strong Saviors sacrifice.

[The Atonement is something that, when a missionary can apply to his mission, it will carry him through anything.) Elder Holland 
I have tried to apply that as much as I can to my hard weeks.  I study the atonement fervently and do my best to understand the sacrifice that he made for me.  I work really hard to love the lord.  And put all my faith in him.

lIKE I SAID this week is really rough.  Pocha dropped us because her daughter left her kids and ran away for a vacation and said i need rest from studying wit you guys.  We went to her house and was just bawling because she had to drop us.  We are still communication with her and loving her as much as we can. We told her that we are going to be there to help with whatever she can.  I feel super bad.  She was reading and praying and felt good about everything and even accepted baptism. You can just see the power of the destroyer trying to do what he does best in the mission work.  
I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of good stories this week but, I want you to know that I have a testimony of this book of Mormon.  This evidence we have is something that will never be proven wrong.  I know my savior lived and suffered and died for me so I could have a chance to live and become like him.  I know he lives now and he has his hand in this work.  I love you family and love this work. Please incorporate the spirit into your life’s.  DO NOT GO ONE DAY without inviting someone to try this gospel out! I want to hear everyone’s solid experiences of missionary work next week!! 



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